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I confess I don't go to KFC too often these days.

The existence of my wife's exemplary chicken tacos -- made with real, fresh chicken -- tends to relegate KFC's fare to afterthought status.

In any case, I'm not one to eat out of buckets if I can help it.

For some time, though, KFC has realized it faces strong competition. Every time a Chick-fil-A rolls into town, the local KFC sheds feathers.

Perhaps that's why the Kentucky chicken people had a revolutionary thought: We need to give Americans something we know they actually like.

This week, the company made the announcement. It's going to start selling chicken wings nationwide.

Yes, Kentucky Fried Wings are fluttering their way to your local KFC, so that you don't have to wait at Buffalo Wild Wings or anywhere else.

Indeed, it was this need for speed that KFC emphasized in its announcement. 

The company's Chief Marketing Officer, Andrea Zahumensky declared: 

You would be hard pressed to find hot and fresh wings without the wait anywhere else.

No American ever wants to be hard pressed. 

In fact, I'm astonished that every American hasn't previously pressed KFC hard to create chicken wings for every occasion.

After all, every Super Bowl party seems to feature them. Indeed, they seem like the staple tailgating dish.

Here's what's odd about the timing. KFC's press release began: 

Kentucky Fried Chicken is delivering a touchdown this football season with the introduction of its new Kentucky Fried Wings.

But it's week 6 of the NFL season. And college football seems to have been going since August. 

Why, then, the sudden rush to claim football supremacy almost half-way through the season?

I detect a little rush to the head.

The sort of rush that's brought on by immense competition and the need to reclaim a little public attention.

Moreover, KFC is using this element of surprise to announce another aspect to its offering: 

The chicken expert's new, always hot and fresh wings are available in participating KFC U.S. restaurants today as part of the permanent menu. Making this even hotter, fans can try them out from the comfort of their own home with free delivery on kfc.com, the fried chicken chain's new online delivery platform, Grubhub and Seamless.

It's all made for your Saturday and Sunday football marathons, you see. And what better way to enjoy them than not having to get dressed and actually go to your KFC at all?

The fact that KFC didn't plunged headlong into the wings market years ago is even odder than its ads. 

Sometimes, though, it takes large organizations a long time to catch up with sprightlier competition. 

Just ask McDonald's.