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Being a parent is being a teacher, nurse, psychiatrist, comedian and chef.

And how many of those jobs are easy?

Well, other than comedian.

Still, it's hard to entertain children and make them happy, especially as the increasingly individualistic attitudes of the world -- brought on by Facebook, naturally -- reject the screeching, the crying and the foot-stamping.

And that's just of the parents.

McDonald's understands.

No, that's not my opinion. It's that of McDonald's itself.

Its Swedish arm has just released an ad that shows parents trying to take the kids out to places they dearly would love to visit.

The museum, for example. Or a restaurant, a bar, a supermarket, a plane or even a bus.

A church, even.

It doesn't go well.

The stares and the opprobrium of others tell a parent that their kids aren't welcome.

But then there's McDonald's, the place where children are always, always adored.

Perhaps, a dry mind might offer, because McDonald's hopes they'll fall in love with fast food when they're young, so that they can bring their own kids there when they're not.

And just to make it more enticing, McDonald's serves food that is happy, rather than the miserable greens that kids are forced to eat at home.

Why, these days McDonald's is even trying to make these Happy Meals healthy.

Or, rather, healthier.

This ad was based on real research. Real Swedish parents said that McDonald's really is the safest, best, most psychologically satisfying place to take their kids.

Oh, but do you think those kids will be grateful?

Please keep dreaming.