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See if they remind you of, say, a dystopian future secured after a terrible war between galaxies.

And now here's a new ad from the burgermeisters that actually compares working for McDonald's to military service.

It comes from Sweden, which dropped the idea of, you know, real military service in 2008, in favor of a professional army.

The beginning of this McDonald's ad looks just like a military recruitment ad.

"In uniform we are all equal, regardless of gender, background or sexual orientation," says the voiceover.

It's not entirely true, though, is it? In uniform, the generals still get the fine wine and the foie gras, don't they?

But let's not labor facts.

Here's how the McDonald's ad continues: "Here, nobody cares which God you pray to or if you don't pray at all. All we care about is that you're solution-driven and care about the task at hand."

It really gets serious after that.

"For generations, we've taught hundreds of thousands of young Swedes the importance of self-discipline, team spirit and cooperation," says the voiceover.

"And guess what," he continues, "that's proven to be the recipe for diversity, integration and...... really tasty burgers."

Naturally, there might be some local nuances I've missed in this work of art. I'm certainly hoping there's a little irony here.

But what if there isn't? What if this is serious? What if McDonald's Sweden really thinks it's appropriate to in any way compare peddling its greasy fare to defending the country?

I worry.

It may well be that for many young Swedes, McDonald's is their first job, as it is for many young Americans.

But being in the military is qualitatively different. You can, for example, die.

I can't help thinking some might find more tastelessness in this ad than they do in the average burger. Indeed, on YouTube it enjoys slightly more downvotes than thumbs up.

Moreover, in March Sweden reintroduced military conscription.

The country's leaders are concerned that Vladimir Putin might not be quite the warm and friendly human being he portrays in media snippets.

I hear that Ronald McDonald has his bad days too.