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It must have all seemed so clever at the time.

McDonald's needed to get everyone excited about its new Dollar Menu.

Or, more precisely, its Dollar-Two-Dollar-Three-Dollar Menu.

So it hired supermodel and generally entertaining sort Chrissy Teigen to star in an ad, which was to run during the Golden Globes.

The joke in the ad was that Teigen is at an award show. 

They never feed you at these things, so what do you do when McDonald's is paying you to be in an ad?

Yes, you slip out to a McDonald's drive-thru. Where you order the "they-never-feed-you-at-those-things meal." 

Which consists of five cheeseburgers and five McChicken sandwiches.

What? No large fries? 

Anyway, cue the laughter. 

Oh, but perhaps no one had told Teigen that McDonald's was running this ad during the Globes. 

The slight issue was that she wasn't at the Globes, where, as it happens, they do actually feed you and you sit at round tables, not in a theater auditorium as in the ad. 

No, Teigen wasn't at McDonald's, eating cheeseburgers and signing autographs either.

Instead, oh look.

She followed this up with another taco tweet.

It was surely very exciting.

But should you be a regular fast-food eater, you may be aware that McDonald's isn't a known purveyor of fine tacos.

Some purists, therefore, will fear that McDonald's might have warned Teigen that the ad would run, so that she might, you know, tweet something about, say, burgers. 

Or at least McNuggets. Or at least McGlobes.

Well, she did. 

But why would she be drooling if she was actually making tacos? 

Still, she seemed to want her followers to acknowledge her ad. 

Then it got even more complicated.

Because some stars were only too proud to point out that, no, you don't go to McDonald's on Globes night. 

After Party. #bigbudlilbud #doubledouble

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It wasn't just Ansari.

And somewhere, a marketing executive quietly bangs their head against a statue of Ronald McDonald and wishes that the strategic synergy they peppered their PowerPoint with would be a little easier to achieve.