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Chicago has become the secret home -- oh, perhaps not so secret anymore -- of wonderful food.

If you've never eaten at Grant Achatz' Alinea and Next, you're missing out on the unforgettable.

Shame me, but I confess I once flew from San Francisco to Chicago just to eat at these two restaurants, one night after the other.

Actually, talking of Next, it may have served as something of an inspiration for McDonald's latest restaurant.

I'm only slightly joking.

You see, Next changes its concept periodically. I've eaten a Bocuse D'Or meal there, as well as an insanely wonderful Tapas.

What can this possibly have to do with the purveyor of the Big Mac?

Well, McDonald's will tomorrow open a new restaurant inside its Chicago headquarters.

There, it's going to offer dishes from around the world, rotating the dishes every so often.

Yes, McDonald's dishes.

On the first iteration of the menu, you'll find such delicacies as the Mighty Angus Burger from Canada, as well as the McSpicy Chicken Sandwich from Hong Kong.

There are two salads from France.

There's the Mozza Salad, which includes, can you imagine, arugula leaves.

There's also the Manhattan Salad, which doesn't sound French at all, but it does enjoy grape tomatoes.

And did you know what they serve in Australia? Cheese and Bacon Loaded Fries.

Surely it's worth flying to Chicago just for those.

 inline image

I'm trying to picture these things. I'm finding myself needing to lie down.

At this extraordinary McDonald's, there's even an exotic dessert. 

It's called the McFlurry Prestígio and it comes from Brazil.

What is it? Vanilla soft serve ice cream, mixed with strawberry sauce and chocolate covered coconut bites.

I feel sure the ice cream machine at this particular McDonald's will be working. 

This special 6,000-square-foot McDonald's will undoubtedly become a tourist attraction for tastemakers from around the world.

They'll flock to experience what their fellow McDonaldians enjoy in various parts. 

They'll linger to people-watch and observe the choices different people make.

This will take Instagram to a level it has rarely witnessed. 

I wonder if reservations at Chicago's finest restaurants will experience a sudden dip.