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When managements get excited about a project, they can sometimes forget that their employees might not be so thrilled.

The bosses get carried away on a wave of expectation, while the employees are carried toward a wave of expectoration.

And so it is that, at some McDonald's, employees are becoming fed up with a new management creation.

To coincide with the proliferation of its fresh beef Quarter Pounders, there's a new buzzer to warn those in the kitchen that a fresh beef order has been made.

It's attached to the so-called KVS -- the Kitchen Video Display System.

The problem, according to a Reddit thread, is that the sound is more irritating than certain Kanye West pronouncements speeded up and blasted on a loop.

Said Redditor u/M68000:

It plays a unbelievably grating and repetitive cowbell sample instead of something more to the point like the beeps the other stations make when something comes up, and the station can't be turned off in spite of being about as superfluous as the bun mode on the initiator screen.

The Redditor added that it was "annoying as hell."

I fear that someone, somewhere -- somewhere in management, that is -- thought it would be, um, creative to have a cowbell sound underlining that McDonald's was actually putting fresh beef into its Quarter Pounders.

The intention, one imagines, is also to have a sound different from others in the kitchen to signal that this order is, in its way, revolutionary. And urgent.  

Naturally, I contacted McDonald's to ask whether this was a nationwide problem and will update, should a fresh reply arrive.

These first complaints surfaced a couple of months ago and don't appear to have proliferated further.

Perhaps some are worried that this might dampen the launch of such a significant product for the company.

One employee did say that they'd stuck some electrical tape over the speaker to at least soften the cowbell.

Some might find a fast, deep and lasting irony in the idea that McDonald's is irritating employees with excessive noise, when it's started running ads that suggest eating a Quarter Pounder, will stun you to silence.