Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

How fast do you like your fast food?

Are you one of those, perhaps, who doesn't even like getting out of their car in order to get some?

Or do you stand in line and seethe that there are four people ahead of you, your hangriness urging you to curse loudly?

Or might you perhaps prefer to wait patiently and prepare to sit in the opulent surroundings of your local Burger King or McDonald's?

I only wonder because I fear that, one day soon, McDonald's may prefer you don't even think about sitting in one of its restaurants.

Recently, you see, the chain quietly launched an entirely new sort of McDonald's.

It's goes by the lyrical name McDonald's To Go.

The purpose is all there in the name.

It only caters to those who'll take their food and not hang around.

Business Insider managed to get a little peak at this portent of the future.

You walk in and order via touchscreen. This is something McDonald's has been trying in various places for some time.

Next, you walk up to the pickup counter and stare blankly at the people in the kitchen as they make your food.

Once it's ready, your number is called, you pick up your food and you (have to) leave.

It seems like a perfectly soulless experience, but one that clearly has commercial advantages for McDonald's.

The need to hire fewer employees, for example. Some franchisees have been complaining that, in these days of fuller employment, it's very hard to hire staff. 

They say employee turnover is higher than ever.

With McDonald's To Go, there's no maintenance of a larger space. There's less cleaning, no trays and less trash removal.

Could it be, then, that this is another attempt to offer speed at the expense of everything else?

It's clear that McDonald's is trying to change many of its emphases. As well as McDonald's To Go, it's also trying table service in some restaurants.

Then again, speed is certainly something the chain has been working on for some time.

Is it really beyond the imagination that, one day soon, McDonald's will simply be a place where you hate to linger and never stay?

Or will people not even want to linger and prefer everything to be delivered to wherever they are?

What a miserably lazy bunch we've become.