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You knew the day would come.

You just didn't know when it would be and what it would feel like. 

It's worse, though, when you don't even realize it's happened. 

After all, a few McDonald's around the world have already been graced with the concept. The U.S., though, isn't always in the forefront of everything.

So here, without any fanfare, is the first vegan burger to appear in a U.S. McDonald's.

It's called the McAloo Tikki burger

Now what does that name conjure for you?

Might it be "a combination of a potato and peas patty with special Indian spices coated with breadcrumbs, served with sweet tomato mayo, fresh onions, tomatoes in a regular bun?"

Well, that's what it is.

And it comes not from Indiana, but India. 

You might have imagined that McDonald's would be swiftly rustling up a challenger to the Impossible Burger, which seems to be rapidly invading American shores and intestines.

Indeed, I tried one myself earlier this year and found my eyes, my brain and my stomach all in conflict.

Instead, there's little sign the chain is rushing to hitch its wrappers around this particular trend.

Instead, here's this little-known vegan concoction.

You might think it peculiar that McDonald's hasn't made a huge palaver about the McAloo Tikki.

This is the one that enjoys a rolling menu of McDonald's items from around the world.

Sample of a few of the latest additions: the Cheddar BBQ Bacon Burger from Australia, the Deluxe Potatoes from France and the Chocolatey Wafer McFlurry from Germany.

It's almost worth getting on a plane just to eat there, isn't it?