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McDonald's is doing all it can to remove some of the rust from its golden arches.

It's trying to be progressive.

It's experimenting with touchscreens and even a McVegan burger.

But it still has weaknesses, ones that its competitors delight in exploiting.

The best at this is, perhaps, Wendy's.

Not only does it have one of the wittiest feeds on Twitter, it also brings some of that same humor to ads.

So, with the Super Bowl coming up, Wendy's thought it would tweak McDonald's uptight parts with uncommon glee.

After all, one vast retrograde weakness beneath the arches is the fact that McDonald's doesn't serve fresh beef--even though it's currently experimenting with it.

So Wendy's just released this glorious little celebration of its rival's frozen tendencies.

You can imagine how long whole meetings-full of McDonald's marketing brains sat to invent the term "flash-frozen."

Yet along comes Wendy's to compare this notion to, well, disaster.

And when you think the digging is done, Wendy's comes back with: "Skip the hamburgers at the Frozen Arches."

Naturally, Wendy's has its own issues. I can't help occasionally noticing that some of its restaurants look rather dowdy.

But it's created a lovable personality that does leave McDonald's looking a touch stiff.

Why, who could forget this memorable interlude from Wendy's last year?

Of course, marketing isn't everything.

One Super Bowl ad will neither destroy McDonald's nor raise Wendy's to the rafters.

Still, when you're trying to turn a company around--as McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook is--it's never amusing to have such an obvious weak spot being poked to distraction by a rival.

Especially when, at its core, there's a certain truth.

Published on: Feb 1, 2018
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