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When fake news is all around, and fake people are telling you what's fake and what's real, it's tempting to just lie down and wait for it all to be over.

Equally, it's easy to fall in love with those who don't appear to be full of it.

It being nonsense and falsehood or, in many business contexts, things made up by PR people.

I found my eyes wobbling a little while watching a snippet from Monday's Washington Wizards press conference.

Here was very tall center and player with significant shortcomings Dwight Howard being introduced to the press.

This may be in some way related to the fact that the Wizards are his sixth team since 2012. 

The problem with alleged reputations is that, if not well addressed, they can perpetuate themselves. 

Howard may know he's not liked, his new teammates know it too, so the two sides begin with those assumptions, which are then fed till it all ends in a sad heap.

In this press conference, Howard might have attempted something akin to authenticity. 

Sometimes, being a touch open can help -- being open about why everyone might not like you, for example.

Instead, Howard went for, well, you decide who wrote this. 

He said he'd been joking with his trainer earlier on Monday and this fine set of words was created: 

I started with the Magic. I learned Magic for 8 years. Traveled to La La Land, learned how to work with Rockets. Then I went and learned how to fly with some Hawks, got stung by the Hornets, and through all of that it's taught me how to be a Wizard.

I fear one or two people might sniff: "A Wizard at what, exactly? Not charming people, surely."

Perhaps he's not a Wizard at press conferences.

For it wasn't just this one deeply contrived quipette that might have worried a few of his new teammates, as well as many of his new team's fans.

As CBS site 247Sports reports, Howard went on to claim that of course he could have easily signed for the Golden State Warriors -- currently a rather better NBA team than any other.

"I was like, 'Nah, this is the spot right here," said Howard. He said, it would be a far bigger achievement winning in Washington.

One slight drawback to this blowhardery is the actual likelihood that the Warriors are weeping onto their championship trophy, bemoaning how they lost out. (Clue: They're not.)

If the Washington Wizards win the NBA title next season, I will eat my eyebrows live on YouTube. (Disclosure: Warriors fan.)

If only Howard had wafted in with a touch of self-effacement, especially as the Wizards were a fairly dysfunctional bunch of wand-wavers last year.

If only he'd even admitted that some of the criticisms he's received in the past might be somewhat accurate.

Perhaps one day soon, when he's traded to, say, Denver he can begin his press conference with: "And now I'm finally learning there was a Nugget of truth in the criticisms of me."

Published on: Jul 25, 2018
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