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The race to host Amazon's second headquarters is more riveting than, well, most other races for corporate headquarters that I can remember.

248 cities all seem to believe they have some sort of chance to win Jeff Bezos's favor.

It's heartening to see such confidence abound. 

Regular readers will know that I've found the betting on the race especially fascinating.

Most of the money at bookmaker Paddy Power has been on Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia

However, very recently, another new city emerged: Dublin, Ireland.

It suddenly appeared in the betting at 5/1 -- yes, third favorite -- suggesting that quite a lot of money had been placed on this extremely dark horse.

It seemed odd. Very odd, in fact, that a city far away should suddenly show so strongly. 

Today, though, I returned to the odds and Dublin hasn't drifted to 7/1, nor even to 11/1.

It's completely disappeared. Yes, not even 100/1.

I immediately contacted Paddy Power to ask what was going on, and will update, should I receive word.

It will leave many to speculate as to what could have caused speculators to pour their hard-earned cash into a city, and then, well, this.

Paddy Power has told me that there has been substantial betting on this race, far more than it ever expected.

But this is more than peculiar.

This news comes shortly after another large city whispered that it was "optimistic."

More accurately it was Michael Finney, CEO of the Miami-Dade Beacon Council, who told the Miami Herald that he was brimming with optimism about Miami's chances to host the so-called HQ2.

You might say that part of his job description is to be optimistic.

Still, it was a curious incursion now that all the pitches are in and all that is left is rumor and cant.

A squint at the betting says Miami is sitting there with Dallas and Denver as a 20/1 longshot.

Please, I know no more than you.

By the time you read this, Dublin may have returned to the fray. It might be the clear favorite and Atlanta might have announced that Amazon's playing too hard to get.

It may that all of this betting is based not on any supposed inside information, but piffling puffery.

But just like you, I look for signs in the ether that might indicate what will happen next year when Amazon makes its announcement.

Because this is just a game. And it's one that Bezos and his crew might even be enjoying.

Published on: Dec 20, 2017
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