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We all think we know how we'll react to a dramatic situation.

I suspect that many of us surprise ourselves with how we do.

On Thursday, passengers on a flight from Antalya, Turkey, to Igor Sikorsky Airport in Kiev, Ukraine, endured several emotions within seconds of each other. 

In the middle, however, were the flight attendants and it's unclear what emotions they may have gone through.

Video of the Bravo Air MD-83 plane's landing was taken by a passenger. 

Despite difficult weather, the pilot appears to stick the landing. Indeed, at the 24-second mark, you can hear applause breaking out.

Within the next 13 seconds, however, things change. Suddenly, there's screaming as the plane veers to the left. 

A flight attendant's role in such a situation is to try to maintain calm and ensure that passengers follow instructions.

That's rarely going to be easy. 

As my colleague Bill Murphy Jr. reported last month, passengers on a Delta flight from Detroit to Denver experienced an emergency landing, but then allegedly disobeyed the flight attendants' instructions and took their carry-ons with them. 

That's clearly going to slow the evacuation process and it angers those responsible for passenger safety.

On this Bravo Air flight, the Daily Mail reports that the flight attendants told the 169 passengers to stay in their seats.

Instead, it quotes a passenger saying that this instruction was ignored as passengers began to try to run off the plane.

It's surely understandable, if not advisable.

Some passengers reported having seen smoke coming out of the plane before landing, so perhaps tensions were already heightened. 

One passenger was quoted as saying: "We were the first to jump up from our seat and rushed to the flight attendants."

When there are 169 passengers and only six crewmembers, how could the flight attendants have maintained order?

It was the passengers who reportedly began to rip open the doors, in an attempt to get out of the plane.

It's always worth remembering that when such an incident occurs, the flight attendants will likely be frightened too. 

No matter how much training they've had, no matter how many times they've announced the safety instructions, they, like the other people on the plane, are human.

Managing that sort of situation isn't easy. Especially if it's a case of palpable smoke and a tilted plane. And especially if you may not have all the information you need.

The airline says that there were no injuries and that the pilots were extremely experienced.

It's a great relief that no one appears to have been seriously hurt.

But if physical danger lurks as a part of your job, you can never be sure how you'll react, or how those around you will.

This is just one more instance that shows flight attendants have to somehow expect anything and everything and know how to react.

Oh, and of course, hope for the best while trying to prepare for the worst.

Published on: Jun 16, 2018
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