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Airlines have become increasingly fond of magical behavior.

They take something away and wonder if you'll see where it went.

Or if it went at all.

If you don't notice, they've saved money.

If you do notice, they'll charge you extra for bringing it back.

Yet passengers on one airline have been complaining that something so exceptionally fundamental has been removed from flights that it leaves them speechless.

And when people are speechless, where do they go? Twitter, of course.

So it is that some of those who fly budget airline Ryanair are claiming that the airline has ceased to provide soap in the bathrooms.

Ah, but was it advertised as a soap-free flight?

Mr. Hills wasn't alone.

And here's another passenger seemingly appalled that Ryanair's cleanliness lacked godliness.

Naturally, I contacted Ryanair to ask for its reaction.

It offered these accusations a dirty look.

"These claims are untrue. All Ryanair aircraft carry soap, which is replenished as required," Ryanair spokesman Robin Kiely told me.

Some might observe that there are a lot of allegedly untrue allegations floating about the Twitterian ether that turn out to be, well, at least a little true.

Indeed, one complainant, Louise Thomson suggested that perhaps the airline's PR -- sometimes a curious affair -- needs cleaning.

Yes, it's now a Gate. Soapgate. One you have a gate attached, you know it's serious.

The son of another unhappy customer was livid with Ryanair's blanket denial. (Wait, do they charge for blankets?)

The cabin crew brings its own soap? What else do they bring? Their own folding seats, perhaps?

Ryanair has often enjoyed its image as the renegade of flying. Its CEO Michael O'Leary seems to adore teasing passengers that there will soon be flights where passengers stand.

Recently, though, the airline has been canceling thousands of flights because it admitted it messed up pilots' vacation planning.

At least the airline didn't wash its hands of the whole thing.