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There's only one thing McDonald's staff want to do at one o'clock in the morning.

Go home.

In this case, however, they were presented with a painful dilemma.

Last Monday, a man had just been arrested in a McDonald's parking lot in Sarasota, Florida.

The charge, an alleged DUI. Police say they found the man asleep at the wheel.

Worse, in the back seat of the car were his two kids, aged 4 and 8.

Sarasota Police Department told what happened next on Facebook.

The two girls told the police officers that they hadn't eaten nor even been able to use a restroom.

This, though, was 1 a.m. The McDonald's was now closed.

There were, however, two employees inside still cleaning the restaurant. Said the police: 

The two employees stopped what they were doing, started up all the machines and gave the two young girls anything they wanted to eat, allowed them to use the restroom and stuffed their Happy Meals with toys.

Yes, the police had asked the employees if they could help. How many, though, would have uttered the words company policy and been on their way?

Instead, here was a little decency, a touch of compassion. There was even a tinge of generosity. The police revealed: 

The employees would not allow Officers to foot the bill.

The McDonald's staff had nothing to gain here. Perhaps their bosses might have even scolded them the next day. Giving away free food after hours? What was this?

Instead, they chose to do the human thing, something that's becoming quite rare.

The police were good enough to acknowledge that: 

To the two McDonald's employees, who went above and beyond, you are two of the many reasons it's an honor to continue to serve and protect such an incredible city. THANK YOU!

I hope that McDonald's management gives them an extra day off. Perhaps two.