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They're not just in court, these two.

They're also trying influence people in the court of public opinion.

No, I'm not talking about Mueller and Trump. 

This is Samsung and Apple.

More precisely, 4-year-old iPhones. 

Here, you see, is a mom who has an iPhone 6. It's become quite an unresponsive thing.

Which you might expect with a 4-year-old phone. 

But this particular iPhone 6 is making mom's life hell.

She ends up annoying a member of the TSA. Never a good idea.

Her apps open so slowly that she ends up in someone else's Uber. Rarely a good idea. 

Yet everywhere she turns, there's a Samsung Galaxy S9 that does the things she needs so much better.

Which, some might grunt, it ought to. It's Samsung's latest phone and the iPhone 6 came out four years ago.

Still, for our mom, there's only pain. And woe. It's raining, to boot.

Things are so bad, indeed, that she diverts to an Apple store.

There, she encounters a less than sympathetic salesman who concludes that she likely needs an upgrade.

Oddly, she chooses not to upgrade to an iPhone of some sort, goes back out into the rain, finds someone who will sell her a Samsung Galaxy S9 and, presumably, lives happily ever after. 

It's a curious thing to mock something old, instead of something that's actually competitive.

Though, when Samsung originally launched the S9, it suggested that the iPhone had been a deficient heap of retrograde hype since it was launched.

Perhaps the Korean company is hoping that those who are about to upgrade from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 8 or iPhone X might give its perfectly nice, but not exactly revolutionary phone a look.

Or perhaps things are a little tougher these days in Phoneworld, so Samsung has to make itself look as good as it can. 

In a skewed sort of way.

Published on: May 17, 2018
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