You've been living in a parallel universe.

Your sense of perception has been distorted beyond reason.

All along, you thought American Airlines was a slightly troubled airline, with new planes that cut legroom and offer bathrooms slimmer than your TV.

You're just looking at things the wrong way.

You see, American Airlines is actually the best airline in North America.

That, at least, is the verdict of Global Traveler’s annual Tested Reader Survey

Some will, naturally, wonder whether these readers were tested for eyesight and other basic human faculties.

Yet they didn't merely declare American the best airline. They also gave it the Best Airline for Domestic First Class award.

This despite the fact that American's new Boeing 737 MAX planes actually reduce the legroom in First Class.

Please, I'm delighted for American. It deserves a little good news. Why, only this weekend it left a woman in a wheelchair overnight at an airport to fend for herself.

Still, incidents such as this didn't stop American from winning Global Traveler's Best Frequent Flyer Customer Service for AAdvantage and Best Airline App.

Oh, and five Global Traveler Awards for its wines.

So the next time you fly American, look at the disgruntled faces of its Gate Agents and Flight Attendants a different way.

They're simply the best, after all.

Published on: Dec 3, 2018
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