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When you've created an airline that passengers perceive as good value, with a human touch thrown in, change can be difficult to swallow.

So when Southwest Airlines alters something or -- perish the idea -- makes it more expensive, then some people are going to grumble.

Please set your grumblers to medium, as I tell you about something that's going to get a little more expensive on Southwest.

Traditionally, you see, it was easy and remarkably good value to used your Southwest Rapid Rewards points to book a free flight.

Many people chose to book the cheapest flights with their points -- the so-called Wanna Get Away variety.

Now, though, as View From The Wing reports, they're going to be more expensive.

You'll need an extra 6 percent of points to pay for these cheaper fares. So what used to cost you 72 to 74 points for every dollar will now cost 76 to 78 points.

But if you look a little more closely, there's a certain fairness to all this.

The cost of booking a Business Select fare with your points is going down substantially. From around  120 points to a mere 78.

The so-called Anytime fares will drop in points-price, too. From around 100 to around 78.

I know that some people are sensitive about these things.

Just as they were when Southwest recently announced it was raising the prices of its notoriously cheap alcoholic drinks.

In truth, though, it seems that with the Rapid Rewards readjustment, Southwest is attempting to nudge people just a little to book tickets other than the very cheapest. 

Even the more populist of airlines sometimes prefers you to splash out a little more than usual.

Published on: Apr 3, 2018
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