Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

Do you imagine that every new Starbucks menu item is concocted by slightly nerdy culinary experts who sit around, discuss trends and wonder if they leap on their backs?

It's easy to conceive.

Not every food and drink item, however, is a product of in-house brains.

New Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson explained during this week's Shareholders Meeting that one of its new drinks emerged solely because some strange person posted the idea to Instagram.

As Fortune reports, the so-called Medicine Ball was a drink that emerged on some unknown human's Instagram feed.

This Medicine Ball -- sometimes known as the ColdBuster because it's supposed to have astonishing curative powers -- involves a half hot lemonade, half hot water, peach tranquility tea, jade citrus mint tea and 2 tablespoons of honey.

It sounds like something your local psychic guru would concoct.

Johnson explained that people began passing this recipe along on Instagram and some were wandering into stores demanding it be made.

One store manager got at least 20 orders a day. So they wrote about it on the company's internal messaging system.

Up piped as many as 40 other store managers who said they had been enduring the phenomenon too.

So, because Starbucks is the way it is, it decided to whip this magical cure onto its menu before questions were asked in Congress.

The company did it in one day.

Normally, this might have taken weeks or months. But here were managers crying out for the precise recipe, so that they wouldn't disappoint sick customers. Or just those who'd heard about it on Instagram and thought it sounded sick.

Sometimes, great ideas wander in and you can decide to respect them or just cast them aside because they didn't come through approved channels.

Here, Starbucks realized that it had something that had risen from the grimy soil of Instagram and already had the people's support. Why not capitalize?

I can't vouch for the restorative qualities of the Medicine Ball.

I can, though, tell you that sometimes all the corporate red handcuffs that stop you from initiating ideas can often be immediately cast aside if the nostrils of someone high up suddenly sense concrete profits in the wind.