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Regular coffee just isn't enough.

That seems to be the dominant thought at Starbucks.

Over the last days and months, the company's been experimenting with all sorts of things.

And now there's something new, something that will incite memories of childhood, as well as exciting you to new heights of caffeine-drenched frenzy.

Starbucks is about to start serving ice cream.

As Business Insider reports, the company is experimenting with affogato.

This is the Italian delight that sees espresso slathered all over vanilla ice cream in order to give you the chills.

This week Starbucks will begin to offer the delicacy at its slightly snooty Roastery outlets in cities such as L.A. and Washington D.C.

Naturally, it won't be cheap -- between $6 and $8.50, depending on how angelically fancy you want your coffee pouring.

But for the more plebeian customers, Starbucks is sinking the affogato concept by offering slightly cheaper coffee over ice cream at another 100 stores in Orange County, California.

When McDonald's tests burgers, it goes to Ohio. When Starbucks tests ice cream, it goes to California.

Seattle's most inventive has tried a variant of the affogato thing before. Last summer, it attempted to merge the concept with the Frappuccino.

This involved your barista pouring "a shot of espresso over a finished Starbucks Frappuccino; the hot espresso mingles with the icy Frappuccino to create creamy pockets of coffee."

Oh, perhaps. But was it delightful? I've never had an Italian tell me it was.

The new affogato is yet another attempt by Starbucks to evolve into higher margin, slightly fancier fare.

At the end of last year, the company lauded the affogato area as one of its Top 10 Trends of the Year.

Now, you may have to choose between your Ben and Jerry's, Haagen-Daazs and your Starbucks affogato.

It's not going to be easy, is it?