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Have you ever lingered in a Starbucks of an evening?

Perhaps you were traveling on business, you stopped for a coffee and then realized you had three hours of work still to do.

At least in Starbucks, there are people around so you don't feel so alone. And the Wi-Fi is so good.

Mind you, if it was after 6pm -- the world-renowned threshold for permission -- did you feel like a drink? You know, a proper drink.

But you needed to stay awake too, didn't you?

Starbucks has been thinking about you.

It's just launched something that so many didn't know how to ask for: The Espresso Cloud IPA.

Look at all those magical words strung together.

Espresso. Cloud. IPA. It's so modern, yet still traditional. It involves the cloud, yet at the same time offering a shot in the arm and a beer for your trouble.

Starbucks calls it "Innovation In Your Glass." Or, if you want the full blurb: "A handcrafted beverage made with the unexpected combination of espresso and craft beer."

Beer and coffee? Is this, you know, a thing?

This new concoction has made Starbucks come over all lyrical.

Hark at this: "Espresso is shaken over ice with orange pieces and a touch of sweet vanilla. Shaking the espresso produces a rich cloud of micro-foam with accents of citrus and vanilla. The foam is layered on top of a freshly poured IPA, and the beer is served with the cold-shaken espresso shot on the side."

Yes, this is Starbucks.

The company says this new drink, only available at its Evenings locations, is "playful" and "visually appealing."

I'm sure that after a couple of these, you'll be using these exact words to describe yourself.

Published on: Oct 13, 2016
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