Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

Fast food restaurants are desperate to look quick on the innovation front.

They realize that they're being challenged by upstarts whose food is, well, better.

So they'll look at technology and gimmickry in order to look appetizing.

It depends, though, on your version of appetizing.

Take Taco Bell.

It's often home to hordes of peculiarly hungry young people.

It's now also home to the Naked Egg Taco.

I suspect the word Naked is in there to attract a certain crowd. But it's what this concoction is that might make you crowd around an airport ticket counter, in order to get the first flight out of here.

This Naked Egg Taco, you see, replaces the traditional taco wrapping with a fried egg.

As Eater reports, inside are potatoes, cheese and your choice of bacon or sausage.

I suspect one or two of you might be wincing. After all, isn't there some sacred about the way tacos are made?

Oh, not at Taco Bell.

The company has already produced tacos that are wrapped in biscuits, waffles and, um, fried chicken. Donuts can't be far behind. Neither can Oreos.

So this egg-wrap thing has a relative artistry to it. And, lo, it's not quite as carb-heavy.

I am, though, saving the best for last. The best being Taco Bell's own explanation of its ingenuity.

"Shell innovation is at the core of where we experiment," Taco Bell's chief food innovator Liz Matthews told CNBC.

And what do you do?

I'm a shell innovator.

Oh, that sounds interesting. So you create new bodies for injured crustaceans?

Well, in a way.

If you're of a traditionalist spirit, you may weep a little.

But you can't stop innovation.

And you certainly can't stop shell innovation, however hollow it might sound to you.