It's always a step into the unknown.

You try and anticipate what it'll be like.

Then you get there and it's nothing like that at all.

Once it's done, however, it's best not to react too quickly.

Just walk away, examine your own feelings about how it went for a short while, and do something that'll take your mind off it.

One thing you should definitely not do, however, is steal something from your potential employer.

I only mention this because police say that's exactly what Dominick Breedlove did after an interview at department store Kohl's.

As FOX 13 News reports, Breedlove went to the Spring Hill, Florida store for an interview.

I'm not sure how the interview went. I'm fairly sure he didn't get the job.

You see, police say he spotted some Nike shoes on his way out and couldn't help but go back to his car, retrieve a Kohl's bag, go back into the store and illegally purloin a couple of pairs, slipping them into his bag.

He was, police say, spotted by a so-called loss prevention officer and arrested.

This may have counted against him in Kohl's eyes, as they considered whether he'd be a fine member of staff.

Of course, this is a warning to all those going for an interview and being assaulted by temptation.

It may, though, also be a warning for those conducting interviews.

Reports suggest that Breedlove allegedly evaded the store's security screenings because at least one pair of the Nikes didn't have a security tag.

Ergo, perhaps it's worth, should you be interviewing a potential candidate, making sure nothing tempting is in their view.

Perhaps this is a sad commentary on the depths to which our world has sunk.

But everyone on both sides of an interview should be prepared.

For everything, that is.

Published on: Dec 10, 2018
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