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They want you. They really want you. 

You can ask for the Earth. Or, at least, a significant part of it.

Actually, that's not entirely true if we're talking about Major League baseball hiring its managers these days.

The data nerds have taken over. They think they know what every player should be doing on every play. So managers are being hired less for their tactical ability and more for their motivational skills.

When the Boston Red Rox hired Alex Cora last year, some eyebrows stood to attention.

He wasn't an obvious choice. He'd never managed before. He'd been a bench coach for just a year with the Houston Astros. Now he's led his team to the World Series.

And, guess what, his contract is one of the five cheapest in Major League Baseball. A mere $800,000 a year, according to USA Today.

Compared to the $6 million a year earned by the likes of the Giants' Bruce Bochy and the Cubs' Joe Maddon, it's a middle management salary at best.

Yet Cora still felt he had some leverage. Emotional leverage, that is.

As NESN reports, Cora revealed in a press conference after the team's ALCS championship win over the Astros the one thing that was vital to him before he signed:

I mentioned it earlier today during the celebration that I only asked for one thing on the negotiation. And I know a lot of people have made a big deal of that. But I just asked for a plane full of supplies. And we went down there and we helped 300 families in my hometown.

Cora is from Puerto Rico, the most neglected part of the United States.

The island was devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. What Cora wanted most was to help his hometown of Caguas

Imagine what his players -- and even those hiring him -- must have thought when they heard that. Cora explained: 

I told them, people are going to say 'thank you,' very genuine, and they did. It was a life-changing experience for a lot of people in this organization.

Many might have been greedy. They might have made demands beyond their skills. 

Cora showed what sort of human being he is. 

You can still win by being a human being, you know.