Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

Some things are obvious.

Some, however, creep up on you very, very quietly.

One of them has become America's best car.

Well, when I say best, I mean according to Consumer Reports.

No, it's not BMW or Audi. 

And you know it's not anything American. (Oh, stop whining Tesla-owners with your sanctimonious license plates.)

Your best cars are apparently made by Hyundai. Or, more accurately, by its fancy-labeled Genesis brand.

Genesis used to be just a Hyundai brand name. Now, it's on its own like Lexus and apparently doing very well.

Consumer Reports insists that it testers found Genesis cars delightful and owners agreed.

These cars enjoyed decent reliability and were blessed with technology that a normal human being could actually operate.

This isn't to be underestimated. 

Sometimes I rent cars that enjoy fancy electronic bits and pieces and I spend quite some minutes trying to work out how to turn the radio on. And the lights. 

Still, last year I went to test-drive a Genesis. 

I'd been fascinated by how serene the cars looked and by how they weren't BMWs or Audis.

I drove a G80 and found it pleasant, if not startling. 

I like quiet cars that are secretly swift. This one wasn't swift enough for my life-tainted tastes.

The test-drive experience was also, well, entertaining. It was one of the five luxury brands I tried during a spasm of car-searching, a spasm from which I haven't quite recovered. 

You'll have to guess from that article which was the Genesis experience.

It is, though, delightful that a (relatively) new brand has elevated itself above the luxury brands that some drivers routinely curse at. (Honestly, the BMW drivers in my area. Don't get me started.)

Maintaining its position won't be easy for Genesis. 

It only just beat Audi, a brand that has 10 models, rather than the Korean manufacturer's two.

How long, though, before Genesis drivers become the object of scorn?

Winning brings with it difficult consequences.