Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

It's easy to believe that those who work in fast food aren't very bright.

Or, worse, that they're in high school or college.

This is fallacious thinking. 

You never know how clever employees of any company are until you see them use their ingenuity.

That's why I'm moved to applause by a stroke of pure intelligence and creativity at a Dunkin' Donuts.

At this Dunkin's Donuts, though, the drive-thru microphone broke and someone had marvelous thought.

Many would just throw up their hands, curse and call maintenance. 

These employees, however, thought of something else.

They mounted a baby monitor inside an upturned traffic cone, so that the sound would be amplified a little more.

Then they mounted it on another traffic cone and got on with business.

The image was first posted to Reddit by someone with the handle u/Limit760 and it's quite glorious. (Please, I only hope it's quite true, too.)

Naturally, one or two people might not be impressed.

Some might say the baby monitor could be easily stolen or that it reflected badly on the brand. (Really?)

I suspect, though, that customers would chuckle and marvel at the whole thing.

My own questions hover around the idea of whether someone happened to bring their baby monitor to work.

Or whether a dedicated employee actually went out and bought one.

In either case, whoever did this -- and rumor has it that if this did happen, it happened in New Hampshire -- deserves a little something from their bosses. Or even a big something.

I contacted Dunkin' Donuts to ask where this ingenuity occurred and who might be behind it.

My baby monitor emit sounded with this statement from a spokeswoman:

We are aware of the situation regarding the Dunkin Donuts restaurant in Ossipee, NH, where the drive-thru speaker stopped working and crew members sought a clever, alternative solution to ensure that guests could continue to place their orders. We applaud the crew members' ingenuity and dedication to serving their customers. 

It seems, though, that the franchisee has now placed a human being outside to take customers' orders. 

Perhaps someone needed their baby monitor back.