Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

Enticing people to come to your country isn't too different from inviting them to dinner in your home.

They might be lovely people.

But what if they're boorish sorts who cut their toenails at the dinner table, drink too much beer, and try to pick a fight with pieces of crockery?

It's hard finding a balance.

Worse, though, too many famous places now simply have too many visitors.

Try going to Venice in high season and you'll witness how glad Venetians are to see you.

Then again, some cities don't have as many tourists.

Oslo, for example. A very civilized place that, for some, doesn't conjure enough charming qualities or Instagram opportunities.

To try and change that image, the city's tourism types -- imaginatively called Visit Oslo -- just did something that made me smile uncontrollably.

This happens rarely and is usually inspired by a glass of subtle red wine.

What the Osloists did was to scour Instagram to see if they could find disgruntled tourists in other European cities.

They contacted them and offered to fly them immediately to Oslo for a couple of days.

What a charming and daring way to offer emotional rescue.

They've just released video of the first tourists to receive this inspired impromptu treatment.

Sam and Marela are from New Zealand. They were in Paris. They went to see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. They couldn't see it because of all the damn tourists. (And because it's so absurdly small.)

So Visit Oslo whisked them away from the hordes and showed them an excellent time in Norway's capital.

The video is beautifully and wittily put together.

Suddenly, here are Sam and Marela enjoying everything around them, without other annoying humans getting in the way.

They were put up in a greenhouse (a nice one).

They biked, paddleboarded, ate food from fascinating parts of the world prepared by refugees, and even hung out with some naked people.

Now, of course they got some VIP treatment.

A woman came to sit with them in a restaurant. Who was this, they wondered. Oh, just someone who is "trying to be the deputy mayor."

When Norway was named the Happiest Country in the World in a recent survey, I confess that I immediately made plans to visit.

I am, like all Americans, always desperate to be happy.

Yet my experience contrasted with Sam and Marela's in one crucial way. They got pleasant weather, I got snow. On May 10.

I did find the people utterly pleasant and often movingly wise.

And when I watch this video, it makes me want to visit again. Few tourism campaigns do that.

So look, Visit Oslo. The minute you have a sure-fire weather forecast on the horizon, please call me.

I can leave at a moment's notice.