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Have you noticed that cars have become more reliable?

Yes, I do hear horror stories, but somehow they seem more muted than they used to be.

Although there is a comments section here, should you wish to tell me I'm wrong and berate your horrible car.

Still, some cars are said to be more reliable than others. 

Thankfully, there are people and organizations that like to examine and calculate which cars are more faithful than any lover you've ever had.

Consumer Reports recently released its list of Top 10 Most Reliable Cars

The consumer organization says it gets data from 640,000 vehicles and analyzes 17 points of pain, gives a pain weight to each and comes up with its final results.

And at the very top is a car that, I must confess, has somehow slipped my consciousness entirely.

It's the Kia Niro.

This is, apparently, a hybrid SUV that has either passed me by or its owners have deliberately avoided getting anywhere near me because of how loud I sing in the car. 

It's not a perfect car, says Consumer Reports. "The handling lacks agility, and the ride is a bit choppy," it says. But it is the closest thing to a Duracell battery with four wheels that you can find.

In second place was another car that hasn't exactly slapped me between the eyes.

It's the Subaru BRZ sports car, which is also the Toyota 86. (Does that mean you'll never find it near restaurants?)

Subaru and Toyota built this thing together. Which is surely a fine model for our politicians to follow, if it's as reliable as Consumer Reports says it is.

I struggle, though, with the marriage of these two concepts: Subaru and sports car. That feels like fish and Husqvarna to me.

As I look down the list, Toyota has an enormous presence. And American cars have none.

The Consumer Reports Top 10 Most Reliable includes, the Lexus ES, GS and IS, the Toyota RAV 4, the Toyota Prius V and the Prius C

That's 6 and a half Toyotas in the Top Ten. 

Which might lead you to thinking: "What's wrong with the Toyota Camry and the Lexus RX and NX that they didn't make it?"

The only other brands to break this remarkable Toyota monopoly are Audi, with its A3 SUV and Infiniti with the Q70

Is reliability everything, though? Don't you sometimes enjoy taking a risk here and there, in order to feel a little excitement? 

Oh, I'm not going to tell you what to buy. 

But if your idea of excitement is a Prius, then, well, I worry.