Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 


When you think of famous entrepreneurs, isn't it a little like staring at Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally?

You just want to have what they're having.

So you read as much as you can about them. You watch every business move they make, all in the hope that you'll learn something.

What is less visible, of course, are the bad ideas, poor decisions, lack of attention, risible people-handling and arrant favoritism that famous entrepreneurs also succumb to.

They are heroes and heroes can do no wrong, until their wrongdoing escapes the beady neurotic eyes of their publicists.

How, though, do our business icons start their days? Do they salute the sun or howl at the moon's passing? Do they chant, talk to themselves in the mirror with admiration and motivation, or do they keep their phones switched off as long as possible?

Most importantly, what do they eat for breakfast? What is, indeed, the true breakfast of champions?

Fortunately, some enterprising sorts at Make It Cheaper descended on all (some) known facts about famous business types and their breakfast routines.

1. Richard Branson. Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Galactic Founder.

Does he feast on something weird to show his individuality? Does he nibble on some exotic delicacy, flown in from a far-off island? Oh, no. Fruit salad and muesli, apparently. On exotic days, he throws in a kipper. What does this say about him? That behind his swashbuckling front lie conservative, self-preservationist innards? That he doesn't trust the more fancy fare offered by Virgin Atlantic? I will leave you to analyze.

2. Jack Dorsey. Square and Twitter CEO.

He's so lithe and dapper that you imagine him carefully tearing a lettuce leaf in half, trying to make sure he doesn't eat too much at once. This doesn't marry with the alleged truth that for breakfast he eats two hard-boiled eggs with soy sauce. One can immediately draw one inference: The two boiled eggs are a reminder that he's CEO of two companies. It can surely be so easy to forget which board meeting you're in when you're CEO of two tech companies. It's the same slightly panicked, passive-aggressive fare in both. But the soy sauce is an interesting touch. Is it low sodium, one wonders. Or is this his way of facing hard decisions (both eggs) with the requisite saltiness?

3. Cheryl Bachelder. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen CEO.

Yes, what does a fried chicken expert have for breakfast? Does she stick with fried? Or does she go a little healthier? Bachelder distinguishes between what she eats at home and what she eats while traveling. At home, breakfast is steel-cut oatmeal. Ah, these are the things the Brits make porridge out of -- a clearly healthy, warming decision. However, when she's on the road she prefers something a little stronger: Scrambled eggs, crisp bacon and rye toast. This is true creativity. It's very easy to get into the habit of having the same breakfast every day. We often convince ourselves that our bodies need the same things over and over again. But if that's the most exalted level an entrepreneur's decision-making can reach, worry for their business.

4. Payal Kadakia. ClassPass Founder and CEO.

Kadakia is a dancer. She stooped to working at Bain and Company for a while, but her business is now fitness. She lives it for breakfast. She apparently eats vitamins and fruit on her way out the door, then supplements these supplements with a Starbucks venti citrus green tea. I've never seen anyone order one of those. Perhaps, as well as holding some health benefits, this citrusy green tea might make the entrepreneurial mind sharper first thing in the morning. Please try it and let me know how your business is doing.

5. Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook CEO.

Zuckerberg often seems so intensely focused that you wonder if he even knows what he's eating or when. I imagine that food just appears before him and he ingests it while considering world domination by algorithm. I might be partially correct. For this information before me says that his breakfast is "whatever." No time to consider the merits of citrus green tea. No moments to consider whether soy sauce will go well with boiled eggs. He apparently doesn't waste time on such piffling trifles. He eats whatever takes him in the moment. Which, at one moment, was MySpace.