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Airline employees can occasionally annoy passengers.

On balance, however, it's likely that passengers tend to annoy airline employees just as much, if not more.

Especially the inebriated and the, well, entitled. 

It's the latter that fascinate me today.

This week, two self-important passengers in two different countries thought they'd try and throw their weight around when they missed the boarding of their flights.

In the first instance, reported by the South China Morning Post, a woman arrived late for her flight at Zhongchuan Lanzhou Airport in Gansu province, China.

She was not happy.

So she proceeded to berate China Eastern Airlines gate agents with that threadbare classic: "Don't you know who I am?"

It appears that the gate agents may have had no idea.

Which may, in turn, have affected the woman's ego to such a degree that she threatened to hit these airline employees.

This, some might feel, is behavior unbecoming of a university professor, which is what this woman apparently is.

Indeed, this was the reason she believed she should have been allowed to board anyway. 

Apparently, being a boffin accords one special status.

Here's a translated snippet of (some of) her monologue: "I said my students were all majoring in civil aviation services ... I'm a university professor. What did you say to me? You say that again and I will slap you in the face. Do you believe it or not?"

I believe she can't fly, regardless of the size of her brain.

This professor still doesn't quite rise to the exalted egocentricity of a man who missed boarding his flight in Melbourne, Australia on Thursday.

Not for him a mere conversation with a gate agent, it appeared.

Instead, he ran toward (what he thought was) his Jetstar plane and tried to yank the door open.

In fact, he was trying to open the door of a Sydney flight, when he was actually flying to Adelaide.

He was, of course, arrested. Oh, and banned from all Jetstar and Qantas flights. (Jetstar is Qantas's budget airline.)

But not before a couple of Flight Attendants were injured.

This is an important reminder of what airline employees sometimes have to tolerate.

Their job might still occasionally involve customer service, but sometimes their patience is tested to extreme tolerances.

Humans aren't always the nicest of creatures. 

Increasingly, they only see themselves and somehow think the world is there to serve them.

It's uplifting when sometimes they're reminded that it isn't.

Published on: May 17, 2018
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