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Some see customer service as just another job.

They put on smiles as dull as their uniforms and believe they can get away with it every day.

And then there's the Alaska Airlines flight attendant who thought he'd do a little extra.

This week, you see, is the last for one of the great -- and occasionally annoying, if it's played too loud -- safety videos of our time.

I don't believe there exists any Virgin American customer who hasn't hummed the tune at least once.

But now that Alaska has frozen Virgin over, a new video will surely emerge, one with less verve and style.

So this flight attendant -- who's called Mikey Tongko-Burry -- thought he'd give passengers something they'll never forget.

Sometimes, it just takes a little wit and humanity to make customers feel good all over.

This is something that, at least in my experiences on Virgin America, the airline did rather well.

As Silicon Valley VC Hunter Walk, who was on Tongko-Burry's flight, tweeted: "it made everyone on the plane so happy!"

How many airlines would countenance such joy? Southwest, probably. Perhaps JetBlue. But beyond those, I fear this might be frowned upon.

Tongko-Burry offered some of his own thoughts on Twitter.

For its part, Alaska wasn't unaware of just how moving Tongko-Burry's performance was, tweeting: "It was a beautiful performance! #ThankYou -Tara."

Some worry that Alaska, which once had a certain character about it, is now turning into another big ol' dull airline. 

Perhaps that's why JetBlue founder David Neeleman is founding a brand new airline that, one can only hope, keeps a little entertainment going.