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You spend far too much time online.

(Thank you for that.)

Still, once you're away from this column, you have your slightly brain-numbed moments.

We all do.

You misread, misspell and even mistake sincere messages from foreign lands as being the doorway to your financial salvation.

You click on things you didn't mean to click.

Mars's Snickers brand wants to help people like you.

Specifically, those who click on ads in the belief they've read them when, in fact, they haven't.

In this case, Snickers made one of the great online marketing offers of all time: One Snickers for the price of 2.

Who could resist? How many, indeed, thought it was a classic two-for-one that so many crave in many aspects of their lives?

So those who clicked received this thoughtful message:

Given that Snickers' whole proposition is that it's the perfect antidote for extreme hunger, the brand offered the excuse that errant clicking is caused by empty stomachs.

From there, however, a joyously thoughtful shrink was on hand to offer his concern about clickers' well-being.

And, quite naturally, to make a better offer.

You have to admire the psychology and the thoughtfulness.

How kind it is for a brand to be on your side and not merely so well distributed that, when you're really hungry, it seems like one of the few options available.