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It's the sort of thing that makes a video get passed from one person to the next.

This one was, more than 100,000 times. 

It featured a Chinese Eastern Airlines Flight Attendant working hard on a flight and suddenly discovering her boyfriend going down on one knee and proposing.

Cue the smiles all around. Cue the applause from passengers. 

This all happened in May. May they live happily ever after, everyone thought.

Well, except for the Flight Attendant's bosses.

As Asia One reports, the Flight Attendant has just been fired. 

Now why might that be?

It seems the airline decided that the Flight Attendant's proposal was a heinously irresponsible act that threatened the security of all on board.

Some might think this odd.

It's not as if she made a song and dance about the proposal. If anything, she seemed bashful in the fact of the sudden attention.

In any case, what was she supposed to do? It's not as if she knew the proposal was coming, one imagines. One hopes. 

Was she supposed to immediately detain her boyfriend, strap him into his seat, inform the captain, who would then divert the plane to have her boyfriend arrested?

I contacted China Eastern to ask for its view and will update, should I hear. It could well be there's more to this tale. Or, on the other hand, perhaps there isn't.

Asia One says that reaction in China has been divided.

Some, naturally, feel romance has been besmirched. 

Others, though, think one's personal life should never intrude on the sanctity of work.

That's a curious view when your company's purpose is to transport people and make them feel good while you do.

Which this proposal seems to have.

It's not entirely surprising to see an airline lurch away from the more human areas of life. 

Still, it's hard to see what such a firing does, save for making employees and customers view the airline with a large dollop of disdain.

Published on: Sep 14, 2018
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