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It's never worth assuming that people have limits.

Limits to their carelessness, their self-centeredness and their arrant absurdity, that is.

Still, planes are confined spaces where some things are surely impossible.

Yet here were passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight from New Orleans to Denver when they heard the dreaded words from the captain.

The flight was being diverted to Oklahoma City.

Why, oh, why was it going to do that?

Well, as 9News in Oklahoma reports, it seems that someone had left something very suspicious in the bathroom.

A laptop.

Yes, I said a laptop.

The plane landed and the bomb squad arrived.

They determined that it was, well, a laptop.

Some might wonder, of course, whether Flight Attendants tried to locate the owner of the laptop before raising the alarm.

It seems they did, yet no one claimed it.

Frontier didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Yet an airline spokesman told the Denver Post: "The decision to land in Oklahoma City was made out of an abundance of caution."

It's understandable that an airline would do this. The staff took reasonable steps and nothing came of them. They're trained to take certain steps, but once those are exhausted, what can you do?

Oh, but you're wondering about why anyone would take their laptop to the bathroom.

Because they were watching a movie and couldn't bear pausing it? Because they were writing a book and were at a crucial moment in its dénouement? 

Because they're a modern businessperson and it's an image thing, never to be seen without your laptop.

You're also wondering, I fear, why anyone, having taken their laptop to the bathroom, would leave it there.

Airplane bathrooms are, after all, tiny. Where would you even leave it? On the seat? In the sink?

I can only offer a clue to this mystery.

9News says that the FBI located the laptop's owner and that "she was drunk." 


She was also traveling with her daughter. Did neither of them hear the Flight Attendants' announcement?

No, she wasn't allowed back on the plane.

Can you imagine the conversations that might have ensued?

Especially as the plane landed in Oklahoma City at 9.45 p.m. and didn't resume its flight to Denver until, oh, 2.15 a.m.

I wonder if the woman will ever take her laptop to the restroom again.

Published on: Feb 19, 2018
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