Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

Flyers are used to give and take.

They give airlines money and they take all the misery that today's airline travel involves.

A California hotel thought about this and wondered if there was something it could do.

So, as CondeNast Traveler reports, it decided to do something for the most miserable flyers of all: those stuck in middle seats.

Can there be anything worse than a middle seat -- especially if you're flying across America? There's less room than under your average coffee table.

And with airlines now packing every flight, you'll likely be next to two people who both believe that the armrest is theirs and your biceps offer a suitable cushion for their elbows.

So the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica will give anyone who flew in a middle seat a free room upgrade. To an ocean-view room.

All you have to do is make a reservation at the hotel and on checking in, show your boarding pass of pain.

You might not think this is much. But please spare a grain of your heart for those who fly airlines' new Basic Economy class, known in this column as Sub-Cattle Class.

It almost guarantees you a middle seat, as you cannot book your seat in advance and you'll be getting the flight's leftovers.

Please imagine the tiny frisson of joy when the hotel tells you you'll now have a view, something that you may have been deprived of for the previous six hours.

Of course, this is adorable marketing for the hotel. And it is, quite naturally, dependent on room availability. Still, it's uplifting that someone is thinking of the downtrodden flyer.

You'll be stunned to hear that the Shore is an eco-friendly hotel. This may be the first time an eco-friendly entity has actually been friendly to human beings.

The churlish might sniff that this can't be a cheap hotel. It's in Santa Monica, after all. And indeed, rooms seem to start at around $379 a night.

They'll say if you can afford that, what are you doing in a middle seat in the first place?

I won't stoop to such tortured rationality. Instead, I'll merely applaud the hotel's willingness to consider airline travel's neediest.

Well, other than those whose flight gets canceled repeatedly and they end up stuck at an airport overnight.