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Please don't tell me you're immune.

I won't believe you.

The world has been specifically constructed by someone whose humor is macabre.

Excruciating events happen seemingly every day.

Of course we get angry. It's a depressingly human reaction.

How long, though, does it take for you to start calming down? 

It surely varies from person to person. And how do you measure it? I've known people who appear to get over things, but harbor their anger for days, months, lifetimes. 

Now there's a magic number for you to aim for.

Police Now, a UK non-profit organization that seeks to find more diverse recruits for the police force, has just released a powerful ad claiming that magic number.

90 seconds.

Police Now offered the thoughts of neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on the number: 

We experience anger when the 'anger circuit' in our brain is stimulated. Anger is just a group of cells in our brain that have been triggered and we have the power to choose to act out or not. It only takes 90 seconds for that circuit to settle down.

How much, for some people, those 90 seconds have cost.

Rage can be blind. Or, rather, it can blind you.

All those who escalate absurd instances when someone in another car does something they don't like.

All those who seethe when someone behaves disgracefully -- or even just annoyingly -- in a public place, at work or even at home.

How many people have lost promotions, or even careers, by emoting just when it was most counterproductive.

It's worth, then, at least trying the 90-second rule.

Perhaps start with listening to 20 seconds of any politician speaking.

Then 90, 89, 88, 87...