Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

Despite its protestations, Google has brought a lot of iniquity into the world.

As well as inequity.

One has to concede, though, that some of its inventions verge on the marvelous.

Please ask Pedro Morata.

He's a sports reporter from Cadena SER in Spain who's covering the World Cup, which begins on Thursday morning.

He's also a man who thinks laterally.

His problem on Wednesday, you see, was that an appallingly snooty PR man had decreed that French national team star Antoine Griezmann would only answer questions in French.

This was a supposedly clever wheeze to prevent Spanish journalists from asking him about a potential transfer from his Atletico Madrid club team.

Because, of course, no Spanish journalist could possibly speak French, could they?

Morata, though, had Google on his side.

Having taken the microphone, he placed his phone above it. He'd already typed his question into his Android phone, so he just pressed play and the Google translation of his Spanish question emerged.

Uttered by his helpful robot assistant.

Yes, the question was about whether Griezmann intends to leave Atletico. (Opinion here: Yes, of course he does. He's off to Barcelona.)

Naturally, the French PR man got sniffy and ordered Griezmann not to answer the question.

Meanwhile, the French star sat there giggling at Morata's ingenuity.

Any time I see technology being used ingeniously, I feel a warm feeling in my entrails.

So much of the time it's used to control, insult, condemn or merely emit vacuous bilge on YouTube.

I only wish that Morata had succeeded in getting his question answered before the French PR man could utter a syllable. That would have been a complete triumph.

Still, amid all the world's current detritus, this whimsical joy lifts the spirits.