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This is about knowledge.

It's about style.

It's about creativity.

It's about legitimacy.

It's about how to dress and how to use your hands.

It's a talk, but no ordinary talk.

It's a talk presented by Pat Kelly.

Pat Kelly is a thought leader.

Thought leaders know to present leading thoughts.

These are thoughts that lead people to a better place and make those who have them leaders.

You have to lead your audience into thinking like you do.

You start with your voice.

Pat Kelly knows how to use his voice.

He knows when to talk loud and when to talk quietly.

He also knows how to use personal stories.

Most of all, he knows how to put his point across.

With graphs, pie charts, and statistics.

If you've already sneaked a peek at the YouTube video, you'll know that this isn't a TED talk.

You'll know it's the TED talk.

It's the TED talk to end all TED talks. Because it carries within it everything that a great TED talk does.

It has the right character. It has the right rhythm. It has all the elements of intellectualism and worldly wisdom.

It even has a Canadian. And it's not TED Cruz.

So now you know that you don't need to look at a TED talk ever again.

Because you've seen them all.

In one four-minute video.