Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

Lately, it's seemed as if too many airline employees are heartless souls who regard passengers as little more than animals to be herded, rather than customers who expect, well, service.

That's the way social media works.

You put up a video and people reach conclusions, regardless of whether the conclusion is entirely accurate. (Although sometimes, the conclusion is really quite accurate.)

Usually, people shoot these videos because they think it bolsters the hurt party's case.

Then there's this.

A passenger on Ryanair checks into his connecting flight at Brussels airport and is astonished to discover that it costs 50 Euros to print your boarding pass.

Ryanair is one of those fine budget airlines that insist you have to print your own. Or ching follows cha.

This man, who sounds somewhat American, then proceeds to film himself, as he nastily berates the gate agent.

His tone is less than charming. He calls the gate agent "lady." As in: "I'm a customer, lady."

You're being rude, man.

Some might want to have sympathy with this gentleman. Paying to print a boarding pass is typical nickel-and-diming behavior.

But then he begins to berate the gate agent, while filming and commentating: "Ryanair check-in lady. Named Sabrina. Being a complete, total -- what are you being, Sabrina? What are you being right now?"

Sabrina, if that is her name, has clearly already had enough. It's hard to know what happened before the man began to roll his video, but I worry that he may not have been entirely polite.

He tells Sabrina that her attitude "stinks." He implies she's treating him unfairly because he's black.

Another passenger intervenes and asks the man to stop harassing Sabrina and then our videographer's true nature blooms.

"Mind your own business, baldy," he says to the man -- who happens to have less hair than some. "Go sit down, old man."

He continues: "Tell her to print my boarding pass, fatso. And lose some weight. Get on the treadmill. Go run a lap, OK. Get on a diet, man. Badly. Use some Rogaine."

He offers a final flourish at the man: "You out of shape, donut-eating, bald piece of crap."

Oh. Ah.

By this stage, Sabrina has begun to cry.

"Now you're having an emotional breakdown," our hero observes. When someone calls him a bully, he's incredulous.

When the man posted his video online, it wasn't met with universal approval. Many people offered him harsh words. Or, perhaps, accurate words.

The video should, though, serve as a reminder of a couple of things. Sometimes, airline staff are faced with rules and regulations that, I suspect, they'd rather not enforce.

Sometimes, there's no way around them. Sometimes, perhaps the airline staff don't try hard enough.

It also reminds that some passengers are truly, irredeemably, breathtakingly awful.

It's impossible to know all the circumstances that led up to these pulsating seven minutes. But if this is the part that the videographer thought showed him in the best light, what was the rest of the incident like?

Ryanair says its Brussels handling agent Aviapartner is looking into this little scene.

An Aviapartner spokesman told the Daily Mail: "The flight departed on time, the passenger in question did not travel and has since been reported to the local police."

I wonder if he'd call a police officer "fatso," too.