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Some things are obvious.

Or, at least, they ought to be.

Yet every day, people seem to believe that their behavior can step outside the most flexible norms because, well, because.

Those people are often men.

You might think that HR people spend far too much time having lunch and sipping a curiously large glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

But if you examine some of the issues -- well, people -- they have to deal with on a daily basis, perhaps that's not altogether surprising.

So now that some of the great and the powerful have been revealed to be the sleazy, the nasty and the completely unacceptable, Saturday Night Live offered a character representing many an HR director across America.

Here was Claire from HR attempting to explain some obvious elements of behavior that somehow escape certain minds.

She offered a quiz, one that addressed certain issues currently in the news, such as inter-office "romances" and, um, some other ones.

It was funny because it was tragic. It was amusing because it was painful. It was uncomfortable because it was true.

In Claire's case, she's so frustrated by the people -- well, men -- she has to deal with that she has to settle for ingesting Purell, rather than Sauvignon Blanc. 

After SNL's Colin Jost passes the HR quiz -- which embraces such fundamental elements as keeping your private parts in your pants -- Cecily Strong's Claire offers just one sentence to sum up the truth.

This isn't a scandal that started last week, she said.

Instead: "It's actual reality for half of the population."

Published on: Nov 12, 2017
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