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These days, fast food chains are looking to be spectacular.

Well, more modern.

Well, at least a touch fresher.

None more so than McDonald's, which is desperate for you not merely to enjoy a decent cheap burger, but to bathe in the experience.

I recently did just that in Lisbon, Portugal, with mixed results.

It's undeniable, however, that McDonald's is really trying to lift itself out of McRutville.

It now has touchscreen ordering and even home delivery.

Actually, talking of delivery, I've been trying to put myself into the minds and hearts of those who go to the McDonald's in Sydney airport.

There, the burger chain has a fascinating new restaurant, where the burgers are delivered to customers along a conveyor belt that comes from the sky.

As the New Zealand Herald reports, the kitchen lies behind see-through glass above the rest of the restaurant.

Once your food is ready, the takeaway bags are attached to the conveyor belt and slide down to the customers below.

Naturally, the design firm behind this idea, Landini Associates, claims this is an "iconic, memorable customer experience, like nothing seen before."

Oddly for a design firm, this statement might border on accuracy.

I did enjoy the words offered to the New Zealand Herald by the airport's general manager of retail Glyn Williams: "It's a piece of theater, full of color, movement and surprises. People have started arriving early for their flights just to see it."

You're leaving for the airport a little early, aren't you, darling?

I know. But I just have to see the amazing new McDonald's!

Are you feeling a little stressed, darling?

It's a long time since I heard McDonald's associated with color, movement and surprises, so I'm almost tempted to book a flight to Sydney just to see this remarkable homage to swift eating.


Published on: May 21, 2018
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