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Life is a series of disappointments, punctuated by poetry.

Most people endure and, occasionally, ululate to the heavens.

Some exalted humans, however, think they must make their frustration heard. Even if it causes frustration for others.

Or, perhaps, especially if it causes frustration for others.

Take this Porsche customer in Taiwan.

As Taiwan News reports, he was unhappy that his brand new Panamera Sport Turismo with 4D Chassis Control was missing, well, the 4D Chassis Control.

He tried to cancel his $250,000 order. 

The dealer, however, was having none of it. The customer had already paid a substantial deposit.

What was this Porsche customer to do? Well, this particular Porsche customer decided to jump into his Porsche Cayenne -- costing a mere $134,000 -- and drive it straight through the dealership's window.

The dealership staff don't appear to have reacted with anger.

At first, they reportedly thought it was an accident.

Until, that is, the customer continued plowing his Cayenne toward the reception desk.

The customer, named Chu, wasn't done.

He then got out of his car and began to berate the staff.

Still, the staff stayed calm, perhaps stunned that it had come to this.

Chu was, unsurprisingly, arrested.

However, after he was released he returned to the dealership.

There, it seems that the dealer tried to negotiate with him.

Which some might see as a remarkably reasonable approach, given that the customer had just smashed up the dealer's place of business.

Sadly, the two parties reportedly couldn't come to an agreement.

I contacted Porsche to ask for its reaction and will update, should I hear.

When a customer loses their temper, it's best to temper your reactions.

It may be hard, but there's nothing to gain by losing control. As this customer showed in more ways than one.

This situation could have drifted in a much worse direction, had the dealership staff retorted with their own anger. 

I wonder, though, whether the dealership's owner might have replaced his window with stronger glass.

You know, just in case.

Published on: May 12, 2018
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