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You're traveling on business. 

You arrive late in the evening at your hotel. 

You and a colleague decide that you'll go out for a drink.

This might especially be the case if you work for, say, a certain famous brewing company.

What's less familiar is coming back to your room and discovering that your belongings have been taken out and another guest put in.

This was only the beginning of a dreadful experience Mike Puno says he experienced a couple of weeks ago at the Four Points by Sheraton Columbus Polaris, Ohio.

As Puno wrote on Twitter

When I returned to my room, my keycard wouldn't work, and it sounded like the TV was on in my room. I was a little spooked and went down to the front desk. What I discovered was that my bags had been moved out of the room by the staff and someone else was checked in to it!"

I said this was just the beginning, didn't I? Well, the hotel was overbooked. Said Puno:

I was walked to not one but TWO hotels until I could settle in for the night. The person attending the front desk was very defensive and unhelpful. Rather than apologizing even once on behalf of the company for the mixup, she was insisting she did nothing wrong.

A trainee had allegedly pushed the wrong button, was the excuse Puno says he was given.

Naturally, this didn't put him in the best of moods. His corporate booking that guaranteed late check-ins didn't seem to matter.

He tried contacting Sheraton-owner Marriott to ask what would have happened if he hadn't heard the TV in his room and merely gone to the front desk to get another key. 

Marriott, he says, didn't reply.

At least the Four Points by Sheraton paid for the room in which he finally slept. 

However, the only reply he got from anyone at the Four Points or Marriott was, he says, a text from the Four Points General Manager. This read: 

I just wanted you to know I resigned. It was a rookie mistake, but it's obvious you need revenge. So if that's [what] makes you feel better I am happy. You know it was an error. Remember karma is a b****. Thanks and have a great day.

Ah, hospitality.

How, Puno wondered, might this employee have got hold of his phone number? Many might argue that there seem to be some security issues here.

I contacted Marriott several times, hoping for a reply. None came. 

It seems, though, that Puno finally heard from the Four Points by Sheraton's management company. He told me: 

Their franchise management team finally concluded the issue yesterday afternoon [Tuesday] and are compensating me with some SPG points. I'm not terribly satisfied with the total, but neither am I very inclined to keep pursuing the issue up to corporate SPG/Marriott. Hopefully nobody has to deal with anything similar in the future. 

He told me that the person who contacted him was, at least, "appropriately apologetic."

Of course, the fact that the Four Points paid for the hotel room Puno finally slept in doesn't compensate him, but his company.

The bigger issue is surely the apparent personal security breaches.

Puno told me that the Four Points management company's representative who finally contacted him asked him to let her know if he's ever in Columbus again.

I wonder if he'll feel like it.