Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

We're hooked.

There's no way out, even if Apple occasionally tells us there should be.

Does it really do any good? It's unlikely.

Everything we do seems to happen via our devices.

That's why I was so enchanted with a new ad that takes our obsession with our phones and makes one think, well, different.

It depicts the world as it truly is.

Humans with the heads bent down, staring at screens, oblivious of the real world outside.

Then, the twist.

This is what some would call a Nanny State ad.

It's there to try and reduce incidences of distracted driving.

It's there, at the very least, to make you think.

Yet it doesn't nag. It doesn't judge you for what you've become. (I'm happy to. You're a slave to a technological system and it's your own fault for succumbing to it. And, um, mine.)

Instead, it plays on a deep psychological truth. 

You're desperate to get away from your phone, your screens, your primal scream for it all to stop.

What better -- and safer -- way to do it than get in your car and think of it as your little private oasis.

Turn off your phone, turn on some music. And breathe.

Soon, of course, you'll be denied this joy.

As self-driving cars begin to infiltrate real life, they'll force humans to vegetate, stare at their screens and even be confronted with ads.

Until then, get behind the steering wheel, turn off your phone and enjoy what they used to call freedom.