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Friday the 13th can be uncomfortable for many people.

And, for many, flying in Economy Class can represent a particular sort of horror.

Saturday the 13th, however, just might provide something a little more pleasant.

Today, you see, is the first day that you can book tickets on Delta's new Airbus A220 plane.

The airline is the first in North America to put it into service and you might find it a peculiar change. Almost as if it must be some mistake.

Formerly known as the Bombardier C Series, this new Airbus offers a curious approach to Economy Class.

The seats are 18.6 inches wide. That's around the same width as Delta's new Premium Economy, known as Premium Select.

It's up to 2.3 inches wider than, say, American Airlines seats in an American Airlines Airbus A330-200. It's up to 2.4 inches wider that those in an American Airlines seat on a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

And Dreamliners fly a long way, while Delta will initially use this 109-seater on shorter trips.

Delta's A220 enjoys Gogo 2Ku WiFi. The seatbacks feature that precious perk called a screen that allows you to watch entertainment for free.

Oh, and there's a power port at every seat.

If this is all sounding a little too pleasant, might I add that you have a greater chance of going to the restroom in comfort. 

Not merely because the restrooms are bigger than the tiny ones enjoyed on new Boeing 737 Max planes belonging to the likes of American Airlines and Southwest.

The A220 is configured with two seats on one side and three on the other. So you'll have a good chance of having to push your way past fewer irritable people, if you happen to have a window seat. 

CNBC reports that Delta will offer its first flights on the A220 between La Guardia and Dallas/Fort Worth and Boston's Logan International Airport in January.

Surely you can think of some reason to fly to these places at that time. 

Perhaps an NFL playoff game. Hmm, perhaps not in Dallas. Or an NBA game. Both the Mavericks and the Celtics seem entertaining teams this season. 

Yes, it means you have to brave the building randomly put together from detritus known as LaGuardia. But just think of the peculiar peace you might enjoy for at least an hour or two in the air.

Moreover, later next year, routes such as Minneapolis to Dallas and Houston to Salt Lake City will be blessed with these things.

Please forgive my relative enthusiasm. It's just rare that an airline chooses to do something quite so bizarre as attempt to offer (relative) comfort in Economy Class.

I can only hope that this plane is even remotely as advertised. 

Published on: Oct 13, 2018
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