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It's easy to believe that your cabin crew is one big, happy team.

That's what the captain has likely told you before takeoff.

The truth, though, is that it's possible some of them have never met before.

Another truth may be that one or two of them don't actually like each other.

Hey, for them it's just another work environment.

Which means that there might occur the occasional bout of friction.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Kathy Ida Wolfe is now suggesting that on a flight in June 2016 that friction led to, well, a physical altercation.

Yes, in front of passengers.

As the Dallas Morning News reports, Wolfe accuses fellow Flight Attendant Laura Powers of dragging her down the aisle by her scarf, choking her, digging her fingernails maliciously into Wolfe's arm and slamming a drinks cart door into her.

Wolfe claims that, according to American Airlines regulations, she informed the captain, other Flight Attendants and managers about what she claims happened.

She says the airline did nothing. She also says she reported the alleged assault and battery to legal authorities.

The airline and Powers did respond to an initial lawsuit and insisted that Wolfe had caused or contributed to causing the damage she alleges occurred.

Wolfe is re-suing both Powers and American Airlines, claiming negligence, the creation of a dangerous work environment, breach of contract, assault and battery.

Naturally the airline isn't commenting on the specifics of the lawsuit, merely offering a standard response about how it tries to create a safe work environment for all.

You might imagine, though, that if this alleged fight did occur in front of passengers, some of those passengers might be reliable witnesses as to what truly occurred.

Of course, it's not unheard of for fights to break out on flights. Usually, though, they involve at least one passenger.

Who can forget the Flight Attendant who challenged a passenger to a fight? Coincidentally, that was on American Airlines.

I fear this lawsuit may have given an ungodly idea to Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment.

Please welcome the concept of WWE Fight Flights.

Spectators would be asked to pay a fortune for seats on a plane where two celebrated wrestlers would battle it out in the relatively cramped conditions of Economy Class.

Additional entertainment would, of course, be had should turbulence strike.

American Airlines could make a killing out of a joint promotion with WWE.