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You never quite know what's happening back there.

After all, you're in your seat, perhaps even with your seat belt on, while the Flight Attendants go about their work.

One part of this work is, of course, warming up passengers' food. 

Or, perhaps, more than just warming it up.

United Airlines flight attendants on a recent flight out of Phoenix couldn't quite believe the instructions they were given with respect to the airline's latest iteration of its cheeseburgers.

So much so that an image of their plight found its way to me. Together with the words of an aghast Flight Attendant: 

So catering in PHX just told me that I have to open up all the new cheeseburgers and place the cheese on them, before I cook them. (1 slice of cheese per ziplock bag). Is that even sanitary?

I suspect one or two Flight Attendants -- and passengers -- might think it isn't. Burger bun over here, cheese over there. And your Flight Attendant is now a sous chef. 

 inline image

Is this really how United prepares its meals?

United didn't immediately offer comment, however I understand that the airline looked into this curiously un-Top Chef meal prep and concluded that this is not up to United's standards.

An investigation has been launched.

Whether it's a plane, a restaurant or your local fast-food joint, you can never be entirely sure about the quality of the ingredients or the hygiene habits of the staff.

It's moving, however, that United Flight Attendants care enough to bring a potential sanitation snafu to light.

I wonder if anyone enjoyed the burgers on this particular flight.

I can find no reports of any illnesses associated with either the airline or this particular flight.

If you do, though, order one of these new cheeseburgers it might be an idea just to ask the Flight Attendant how it was prepared.

Please look fascinated, rather than concerned, while you do it.