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Perhaps he was just mad for some food.

But one McDonald's customer showed how painful it can be to be a burger-server.

A video that has raced across the world shows a customer cursing at a McDonald's employee (yes, that's your warning) and insisting that he's been wronged to the point of abuse.

Posted by the Straits Times, the video shows the man excoriating the McDonald's staff at the Hougang Mall in Singapore with: "What service is this, you tell me. Is the McDonald's service like that?"

Sometimes it's like this, sometimes it's like that.

I confess that I've never seen it worthy of getting quite this angry.

And I lived in Singapore for two quite fascinating years.

Here, though the staff is apologetic, the man snorts: "Don't tell me sorry. I very angry. What! I haven't order finish, money money money, what is this?"

Honestly, McDonald's is never that much money.

Though when it starts serving fresh beef everywhere in its Quarter Pounders, it might be a little more money.

Even though the staff suggests that a miscommunication had occurred, the man shrieks: "Miscommunication? And keep on asking, money where? Money where."

After going on to demand to speak to the manager, the man then puts an ice cream cone back on the counter, cursing away intermittently, and concludes: "I have money. This ice cream I don't want to eat. I'll put it here."

McDonald's ice creams are very good, sir. Are you aware of what you're giving up?

I asked McDonald's in Singapore for its view and will update, should a reply be delivered.

The burger chain told the Straits Times: "We believe that under any circumstance, our employees, just like any human being, should be treated with respect, and do not deserve to be shouted at in the manner as portrayed in the video."

Caren Choo, who originally posted the video to Facebook, told the Straits Times: "The woman he was shouting at was an old lady. I felt, even if she did something wrong, he should just let it go after he scolded her."

Or perhaps he could have merely been polite and not scolded her, even if she'd got the wrong order. 

We've all surely been hangry.

But if this was really all about an ice cream, then someone might think about their own flavor of communication.

In the U.S., McDonald's is trying to change greatly and, some suggest, isn't having an easy time attracting and keeping staff.

If this was an everyday occurrence, who would want to put up with this level of unreason?

If this video tells enough of the story, and I have no reason to believe it doesn't, these McDonald's employees showed commendable tolerance. 

I suspect there are at least one or two people in the world who would have picked up the ice cream and smeared the man's forehead with it.

Just to get him to cool down, you understand.

Published on: Mar 18, 2018
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