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Humans are strange.

They become very strange when they get immersed in something entirely frivolous.

Or, at least, frivolous to me.

Perhaps, though, you're one of those people who are so wrapped up in Pokémon Go that you just keep Go-ing and Go-ing and Go-ing.

Please let me ask you, though: Would you give up your job and play Pokémon Go full time?

I ask only because Tom Currie says he's done just that.

As Newshub in New Zealand reports, the 24-year-old from Auckland used to work at a Hibiscus Coast café.

No longer.

He quit and is spending the next two months traveling around New Zealand in search of, well, virtual monsters and battles and Gyms and, oh this virtual vernacular is so glorious.

"I booked buses from all the way down to Invercargill and all the way back up to Cape Reinga," Currie told Newshub. "So hopefully I can catch some awesome Pokémon on the way."

What makes for an "awesome" Pokémon? What feeling does capturing one of these special and entirely nonexistent creatures engender in an enthusiast?

Bliss? Nirvana? A tinge of self-worth?

Currie is already on his journey.

He says he's collected 700 Pokémon already.

Is this good? Is this bad?

Of course it's good. It's making him happy.

He must though, like every future great CEO (surely he has shown the courage to be one), beware of the competition.

"I'm level 20 at the moment," he said. "Which was the highest I'd seen until I came to Christchurch. There's some better players here."

Does this mean he must step up his game? How should he do that?

Perhaps he should do what CEOs do in his situation: hire Bain or McKinsey.

Will this game last or will it be swallowed up by a competitor or by the short attention spans of those who are currently trampling upon museums and cemeteries to play it?

Or perhaps very clever HR people should see it as a fine training ground for those who like to show determination, strategizing, commitment, and guile to become the winner.

Or whatever it is you become when you finally capture every single Pokémon.

I fancy that even now, Millennials all over America are adjusting their résumés to add their Pokémon Go level.

Who could fail to be impressed?