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It was as if something had fallen from a tree and struck me on the cranium.

There I was drinking my Grande Almond Milk Latte this morning, when I saw the devastating words.

Apparently, coconut oil may be bad for you. Very bad for you.

But I've heard so many people swearing by it because, I don't know, it comes from coconuts. And they come from happy islands.

And great cheese comes from happy cows, so coconut must make your body great, right?

Yet now, as Business Insider Deutschland reports, Karin Michels--a Harvard professor and the director of the Institute for Prevention and Tumor Epidemiology at the University of Freiburg--has declared coconut oil the enemy of all mankind.

Well, not quite.

Well, not far off.

In a lecture that has now garnered more than 760,000 YouTube views--all from people who presumably can speak German--Michels declared coconut oil "one of the worst foods you can eat."

Worse than ice cream? Worse than French fries? Worse than French fries dipped in ice cream?

Michels qualified her words with a subtle sentence: "Coconut oil is pure poison."

This may well be painful for those who have leaped onto the fad and not realized they've missed their stop.

Why, here is coconut lurking in a restaurant's salad of the week

Here's an article from Shape magazine that has a doctor saying "not only does it burn belly fat, but it can handle high-heat cooking without oxidation."

It makes my eyeballs go around and around. 

It says coconut oil may help you lose weight, or perhaps not. It also says it might be bad for your heart, but perhaps maybe not.

It also reveals that people have been putting it in their coffee.

They have? Isn't that like putting butter in your coffee? Or peanut butter in your coffee?

Apparently, coconut oil coffee-dunking is part of the ketogenic diet, which is supposed to make you look photogenic. Or something.

For Michels, coconut oil is like stabbing yourself in an eyeball because it's dripping in saturated fatty acids.

Please, I'm not a doctor. I won't even play one on TV without a very large fee and water-tight contract.

I'm always, though, slightly suspicious when a new thing comes along and the apparently wise insist it's the sudden coming of a new healthy dawn.

I'm sure kombucha, stevia, and juicing are all an utter delight for some.

But I'm slow about these things.

Wait, eggs used to be bad for you, but now they're wonderful for you, right?

And how about butter versus margarine? Butter won, didn't it?

I suppose popcorn is really good for you now, too, isn't it? 

Oh, wait. That's full of coconut oil.