As a productivity expert, I help people "save time". Obvious, right?

And we all know that the fine folks at Facebook are experts at helping people "waste time". Obvious again, right?

So it will probably come as a surprise that I'm going to encourage you to spend more of your precious time on Facebook. Well...

When it comes to these five Facebook Groups, I feel quite comfortable making that recommendation. Each of these (very diverse) online communities offer entrepreneurs an amazing opportunity to learn, connect, grow and have a little bit of fun in the process.

1. 60 Second Persuasion

Bushra Azhar's "60 Second Persuasion" community will give you bite-sized actionable tips on using the psychology of persuasion in your business...everything from website copy, design, emails, client communication, negotiations, positioning...the "whole ninety-nine yards".

2. Coffee With Dan

"Coffee With Dan" is a place for entrepreneurs who want to get s#*t done, have more fun, make more profit and do all of this "while simply being themselves". Dan Merideth's highly-curated group is not for the easily offended but a must-visit for anyone who wants to learn more about the power of engagement, community and authenticity (without all of the BS).

3. The Cult of Copy

Want to learn how to become a better copywriter from some of the best in the business? Colin Theriot's " Cult of Copy" can help. From ad men who sell stuff with words, to mad men who control cults with psychology, to bad men who manipulate masses with influence - what is taboo and forbidden elsewhere is dragged out into the light and dissected for fun and profit in this highly engaging group.

4. Freedom Hacker's Mastermind

Kimra Luna started the " Freedom Hacker's Mastermind" so that online entrepreneurs can help and support each other, ask questions, build relationships and celebrate each other's win in business. It's also a great place to find online marketers, freelancers and contractors to hire or partner with.

5. Pat's First Kindle Book (From Start to Finish)

Blogger and podcaster, Pat Flynn initially started the " Pat's First Kindle Book" group to help him organize his thoughts, ideas and steps while he was writing and publishing his first Kindle book on Amazon. It's since morphed into one of the most helpful resources for anyone interested in publishing and marketing their books online.

What are your favorite Facebook Groups? Please share in the comments below.